Fashion Summer Trends 2018

Summer is that time of the year to let loose and wear all the casual clothes you like, you don’t have to worry about layers this time around because you won’t be wearing much at all. Not only in clothing also in home decoration it is adviced by general contractors Fort Worth that the cool and subdued tones are replaced by vibrant colors that reflect the laid back feeling and happiness of the summer season. This time around vintage it’s in and inspiring your summer closet in colorful throwback pieces it’s a must.

Less layers is more, for the occasion you want to feel light under the shining sun and what’s hitting all the runways for the next season is the see through one piece layer in whatever color you prefer. This type of see through clothing isn’t going anywhere and it will remain permanent
during the whole summer season as people let their inhibitions behind to show more skin.


Playful silhouettes, summer is that time to play with the silhouettes because either a loose one or a tight skin one will perfectly match with the season. Wearing a loose silhouette during the day and then wearing a fitting tight dress for the party nights or special occasions will make a great contrast and showcase the variety of options this season has to offer in terms of dressing.


Be experimental, this is the perfect season to experiment as much as you like, in this season your mind should be relaxed and open to trying new things during this more casual season were you don’t have to worry about following any type of protocol. If you aren’t planning on visiting
any special vacation spot and just stay around your city and relax then throw a little bit of retro into your fashion closet with some high waisted pants and tight shirts, you can make it special by using unconventional color combinations between cool and vibrant tones.

Either tight or lose or both, summer is that season where you want to wear the less as possible because of the heat or use tight clothing, both of them serve their purpose of making you show skin and making you feel sexy and that’s why they work better when combined. Using loose
pants with tights shirts or vice versa, if you aren’t into really tight skin clothes you can still look sexy wearing loose clothes as long as they are suited for your figure and don’t make you look like a sack of potatoes, as long as they mark your frame well it should be fine, we can leave the sack of potatoes look for the more cold seasons were the only thing you want is to be comfy and

Using tight clothes in the summer is a double edge sword because yes, you will look sexy but also you need to pick a type of fabric that’s not going to make you hotter than the heat of the sun. That’s why latex or leather should be avoided in the summer unless it’s a particular night
where the wind it’s blowing and doesn’t feel that hot, after all it’s a breezy free season so you don’t want to feel constrained in what you’re wearing. Casual tight clothes are the best way to go with this case, you can make it really playful with accessories and the colors of the clothes and you will feel fly, cool and sexy during your summer days.


Don’t forget to accessorize, this can’t be said enough, accessories can make a simple outfit look ten times better, makes it look put together and interesting, after all everything is on the details and
accessories do that for you, they add detail and thoughtfulness to your look and fashion in general. If you are wearing rather simple jeans with a no sleeves shirt then add necklaces and bracelets that will complete your look and it will make look less simple.

Lastly sunglasses, you can’t go wrong using sunglasses, after all they are a staple of the summer season and of fashion in general. Do not forget to complete your look with a pair of sunglasses before leaving your home and you are ready to go.  With simple hairstyles and lighter makeup to add to the feeling of lightness, simple but chic is the way to go this upcoming summer season.