The role of Social Media on our Nutrition

What do you use social media for? Updating your daily life? Maybe letting the world know about your skills or passion. Gone are those days where social media was only a mode of staying connected. Social media has changed into an easily accessible encyclopedia that is always with us, wherever we go. You no more need an appointment with your nutritionist to start eating healthy or to make a good diet plan. You can just log in to one of your social media sites and type in a relevant topic and Bam!!! You have all the answers and much more from multiple sources. Nowadays, social media has started to become a digital marketer and one of the things it is definitely changing is the outlook of the way we eat. In this article you can find how social media is playing a role on our nutrition or eating habits by Fort Worth seo expert.


How is social media playing the role of a digital marketer in our life? The answer is simple. Social media is marketing a healthy food habit. The diet most of us have on a daily basis might be influenced by social media. One of the simple instances is a recipe posted by a fitness freak will definitely be a healthy meal and when we follow that recipe we are thereby intaking some healthy and nutritious food. The social media has a dramatic influence on our daily life and some of the good habits we have picked from these changes are related to food. Let’s explore the role of social media as a digital marketer in the field of nutrition in our life.
1. Food Forums: There are so many groups/ forums on social media for various causes and one of the most outstanding group is food forum. Food forums usually consist of people trying to reduce junk food and to increase the intake of healthy food items. Thus a balanced diet is a proper intake of nutritious food for a healthy life.
2. Sensory Boredom: Food porn is a well-known term these days and over-exposure to food porn leads to sensory boredom. It is nothing but losing interest towards a particular food because you have been watching too many pictures or videos of that particular food. Research says that people tend to watch too many videos and pics of junk foods and food with high sugar level. Thus when you eat it after binge-watching the making you tend to lose interest in the said food items. This will gradually lead to an increase in your intake of nutritious food.
3. Awareness: Social media creates awareness about the food habits one must follow. For instance, if one is treated with diabetes and has no clue on the food habits to be followed, all that person has to do is join a forum or follow a blog that posts about the lifestyle a diabetic patient needs to follow. Ayurveda states that all diseases can be prevented by having the right food. To know what the right food habits are, we have to follow a site that recommends us an ayurvedic lifestyle.
4. Food Conversations: A food forum will have different kinds of people in it like nutritionists, fitness freaks, sports coach etc. so the conversations in that forum will definitely leave you with some healthy food tips. If you are not interested to be a part of a forum then you can follow famous nutritionists or fitness coaches.
5. Inspiration: At times seeing your friends or family post a fabulous pic after following a healthy lifestyle can inspire you to start eating more healthy. Since social media is broadened we can even follow our famous stars and see what their food habits are and get inspired to be more like them as well.
6.Food Recipies: You don’t need a cookbook anymore. You can have all the recipes you want in your phone and it is way better than having a cookbook. How? For instance, you open your fridge and all you can find is 2-3 items. You have to type in the items you have and the recipes you can whip up with them. To make your life easier the recipes will be further differentiated into an easy and simple recipe, beginner’s recipe etc.
7. Time Conservation: Social media has made our life more easier by getting everything to our doorstep in a snap. Back in the days if you wanted a diet plan, you had to look for a good nutritionist, book for an appointment and meet them and talk for hours to find the right plan that suits you. But now all you have to do is take out your phone, type in what you want and Voila! you have your diet plan in few seconds and the best part is you have various options and you can choose the best that suits you.
Social media is unquestionably a digital marketer for our nutrition. It helps us to choose a healthy and better food habit and lifestyle. Social media also exposes us to world cuisine. It helps us in getting to know the healthy food habits followed all over the world that we can start following. Social media has evolved from being a mode of staying connected to a digital marketer/guide to a healthy lifestyle.